Reza Tavoli

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The dynamic nature of grid resources and the demands of users produce complexity in the grid scheduling problem that cannot be addressed by deterministic algorithms with polynomial complexity. One of the best methods for grid scheduling is the genetic algorithm (GA); the simple and parallel features of this algorithm make it applicable to several(More)
Feature weighting is a technique used to approximate the optimal degree of influence of individual features. This paper presents a feature weighting method for Document Image Retrieval System (DIRS) based on keyword spotting. In this method, we weight the feature using coefficient of multiple correlations. Coefficient of multiple correlations can be used to(More)
Research has been devoted in the past few years to relevance feedback as an effective solution to improve performance of information retrieval systems. Relevance feedback refers to an interactive process that helps to improve the retrieval performance. In this paper we propose the use of relevance feedback to improve document image retrieval System (DIRS)(More)
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