Reza Shisheie

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In this research the twisting cable mechanism was employed to design and develop a light elbow assistive robot. A particular type of fishing line was experimentally tested for use as the strand material, and the behavior was compared to the proposed model. A correction parameter called effective diameter was derived to adapt the model to the experimental(More)
In this study, a twisted string actuation mechanism was used to develop an assistive robotic system to assist post-stroke patients to regain mobility. The robotic manipulator used in therapy systems can apply forces to aid in specific tasks during goal-directed movements. The device was designed for the one-degree-of-freedom movement of patients' elbow(More)
Proportional-Integral-Derivate (PID) controllers are widely used in industry because of their remarkable efficiency, simple structure and robust performance for a wide range of applications. Parameters tuning (Kp,Ki,Kd) of PID controller is necessary to satisfy the operation of the system. But many tuning methods such as Ziegler-Nichols methods do not work(More)
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