Reza Rouzbahani

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BACKGROUND Sociodemographic factors are important determinants of weight disorders. National representative studies provide a view on this health problem at national and regional levels. OBJECTIVES This study aimed to assess the distribution of growth disorders in terms of body mass index (BMI) and height in 6-year-old Iranian children using geographical(More)
This study was conducted in 2004 to evaluate the prevalence of hepatitis B (HBV), hepatitis C (HBC) and human immunodeficiency (HIV) virus infection in 133 injecting drug users (IDUs) attending a voluntary rehabilitation centre in Shahr-e-Kord, and to identify risk factors for these infections in this group. Serum samples were screened for HBV, HCV and HIV(More)
Craniopharyngioma accounts for 2.5-4 percent of all intracranial tumors. The tumor is more observed in the chiasmatic region in adults and the intraventricular subtype is rare. We report an intraventricular craniopharyngioma in a 22-year-old woman presented with chronic headache. Magnetic Resonance Imaging showed hyperintense large mass on T(1)-weighted(More)
Children are more sensitive to radiation than adults. Computerized tomography (CT) consists of 25 % of all medical imaging. It was estimated that more than 2% of all carcinomas in the USA are due to CT scans. There is an ongoing focus on the reduction of CT scan radiation dose. Awareness about risk-benefits of CT has increased. Reduction of radiological(More)
BACKGROUND National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) scientists shows that long-term exposure to air pollutants increases the risk of respiratory diseases such as allergies, asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and lung cancer. Children and the elderly are particularly vulnerable to the health effects of ozone, fine particles,(More)
BACKGROUND Malignancies are primarily environmental diseases mostly attributed to environmental factors. By plotting the prevalence and spatial distribution maps, important differences can be observed in detail. This study aimed to determine the association between map distribution of malignancies and the geological phenomena of lead (Pb) accumulation in(More)
BACKGROUND Participation of Iranian women with a family history of breast cancer in breast cancer screening programs is low. This study evaluates the compliance of women having a family history of breast cancer with clinical breast exam (CBE) according to the stage of transtheoretical model (TTM) and health belief model (HBM). MATERIALS AND METHODS In(More)
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