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OBJECTIVE While a Mediterranean dietary pattern (MedDiet) has been associated with favorable changes in several features of metabolic syndrome (MetS), its impact on plasma adipokine concentrations remains largely unknown. The objective of this study was to determine the impact of the MedDiet consumed under controlled feeding conditions, without (-WL) and(More)
This review summarizes available evidence on the role of serum complement component 3 (C3), produced by liver, adipocytes and activated macrophages at inflammation sites, and C3 cleavage products linking lipoproteins and metabolism to immunity. C3 and cleavage products are modified in several associated metabolic disorders including obesity, insulin(More)
OBJECTIVE Sex steroid hormones play an important regulatory role in fat metabolism and obesity. We hypothesized involvement of interactions between ovarian hormones with acylation stimulating protein (ASP). DESIGN, PATIENTS AND MEASUREMENTS In 392 women with wide age (18-69 years) and body size (BMI: 17 to 90 kg/m(2) ) ranges, fasting plasma levels of(More)
OBJECTIVE The effects of fructose and glucose consumption on plasma acylation stimulating protein (ASP), adiponectin, and leptin concentrations relative to energy intake, body weight, adiposity, circulating triglycerides, and insulin sensitivity were determined. DESIGN AND METHODS Thirty two overweight/obese adults consumed glucose- or fructose-sweetened(More)
Adipose tissue receptors C5aR and C5L2 and their heterodimerization/functionality and interaction with ligands C5a and acylation stimulating protein (ASP) have been evaluated in cell and rodent studies. Their contribution to obesity factors in humans remains unclear. We hypothesized that C5a receptors, classically required for host defense, are also(More)
BACKGROUND The central component of the complement system, C3, is associated with obesity, metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular disease however the underlying reasons are unknown. In the present study we evaluated gene expression of C3, the cleavage product C3a/C3adesArg and its cognate receptor C3aR in subcutaneous and omental adipose tissue in women. (More)
OBJECTIVE Obesity is associated with metabolic dysfunction with sex differences and chronic, low-grade inflammation.We proposed that hepatic expression of immune complement C3 related receptors (C3aR, C5aR, and C5L2) would be associated with pre- or postmenopausal status and metabolic profile in severely obese women. We hypothesized that C5L2/C5aR ratio,(More)
—Tests that require intellectual work and critical thinking increase students' achievement as well as motivation. The University Entrance Exams (UEEs) in Iran which are multiple-choice high-stakes tests and are primarily designed to screen the candidates for postgraduate studies are no exception. This paper aims at comparatively investigating Iran's MA(More)