Reza Razzaghi

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This paper presents an FPGA-based (field-programmable gate array) real-time digital simulator for power systems and power electronics applications. The proposed approach integrates the Modified Nodal Analysis (MNA) method, the Fixed Admittance Matrix Nodal Method (FAMNM) and multi-conductor transmission line modeling capabilities. In particular, the MNA is(More)
The paper presents a new method based on the Electromagnetic Time-Reversal (EMTR) for locating faults in power systems. The applicability of the EMTR to electromagnetic transients associated with traveling waves in transmission lines originated by the fault is theoretically demonstrated. A new fault location technique is then proposed and illustrated for a(More)
— This paper aims at proving the application of the fault location method based on the Electromagnetic Time Reversal (EMTR) to multi-terminal HVDC (MTDC) networks. In particular, the paper integrates the EMTR fault location technique with the protection scheme recently proposed within the EU project TWENTIES. Further, in view of the peculiarity of the fast(More)
—Installation of small generators in distribution networks has been increased recently due to its various benefits. One of the important issues related to these distributed generators is the effect of system faults on their transient stability. Due to the low inertia constant of the small-scale generators and the slow operation of the distribution networks'(More)
  • M Paolone, Directeurs F Rachidi-Haeri, J De Thèse, Mahseredjian, Prof X Guillaud, Prof A Skrivervik +41 others
  • 2016
PAR Reza RAZZAGHI To my parents & my sister with all my love… v This work would not have been completed without the help and support of many kind people around me, to only some of whom it is possible to give particular mention here. First and foremost, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to my thesis directors, Prof. Mario Paolone and Prof. Farhad(More)
  • R Thottappillil, Prof M Rubinstein, Prof A Skrivervik, N Thèse, Nicolas Mora Parra, Résumé Ii +8 others
  • 2016
may we enjoy the fruits of all these busy years... To my mother, that your prayers show us the way to our victories… To the memory of those who left and the patience of those who stayed. i Les progrès des sources électromagnétiques de haute puissance (HPEM) au cours des années 1990 a soulevé l'inquiétude dans la communauté de la compatibilité(More)
  • M Paolone, W Sattinger, Prof T Van Cutsem, N Thèse, Iii Les, Hamid Shoory +27 others
  • 2014
To whom it may concern. i The electric power networks are complex infrastructures which are continuously evolving worldwide to provide reliable and affordable energy supply to the consumers. The significant evidences of these evolutions are (i) the increase of the interconnection of several power networks with independent Transmission System Operators(More)
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