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CONTEXT Little is known about sport nutritional problems and requirements of athletes with physical disabilities. OBJECTIVE To compare the nutritional knowledge and attitudes of Iranian athletes with physical disabilities (APDs) after nutrition education. Because proper nutrition is important for both performance and injury healing, learning about the(More)
OBJECTIVE Many children are at high risk of both goiter and iron deficiency in Iran. Because iron deficiency may impair the efficacy of iodine supplementation, the aim of this study was to determine the relation between serum ferritin and goiter, urinary iodine, and thyroid hormones following iodized salt supplementation. DESIGN A cross-sectional study of(More)
The relative proportion of Bacteroidetes to Firmicutes is decreased in obese people. This imbalance in gut microbiota generates signals controlling the expression of genes by the epithelial intestinal cells. Both dairy and non-dairy probiotics increase body weight, reportedly through Lactobacillus species growth in the gut. On the other hand, daily intake(More)
Obesity has been associated with structural alterations in the gut microbiota, suggesting potential causality between specific microbial taxa and this disorder. Studies in animal models have also provided evidence for plausible gut microbiota mechanisms of action underlying body weight regulation. Yet evidence identifying which specific microbes contribute(More)
Diabetes mellitus and prostate cancer are 2 of the most important public health concerns, especially in the elderly population. Although diabetes has been recognized as a potent risk factor for many types of cancers, there is a large amount of evidence that shows that it has a protective role against prostate cancer. The underlying cause of this protective(More)
The rates of child and adult obesity have increased in most developed countries over the past several decades. The health consequences of obesity affect both physical and mental health, and the excess body weight can be linked to an elevated risk for developing type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular problems, and depression. Among the factors that can influence(More)
Malnutrition and weight loss are common in patients with cancer, both factors could potentially affect the response and tolerance to treatment, decreased quality of life, and thus associate them with poor survival. Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) is shown to have beneficial health effects in healthy and disease situations including chemoprotective properties(More)
Melatonin may play a causal role in the occurrence of age-related macular degeneration (AMD). Replicative capacity and response to injury in the retinal pigment epithelium (RPE) is compromised during aging. Prevention of telomere shortening by antioxidants may be a useful approach for reducing the cumulative effects of oxidative stress in RPE cells.(More)