Reza Ranjbar

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BACKGROUND Urinary tract infections (UTIs), including cystitis and pyelonephritis, are the most common infectious diseases in childhood. Escherichia coli (E. coli) accounts for as much as 90% of the community-acquired and 50% of nosocomial UTIs. Therefore, identification of E. coli strains is important for both clinical and epidemiological implications.(More)
The ultra-structure of Mycobacterium tuberculosis (MTB) was examined by transmission electronic (TEM)) and atomic force microscopy (AFM). The study was performed to describe the morphology of susceptible, multidrug-resistant (MDR), extensively drug-resistant (XDR) and extremely drug-resistant tuberculosis isolates (XXDR-TB) during their exponential growth(More)
In this study, 50 Vibrio cholerae O1 serotype Inaba isolates were collected during several cholera outbreaks throughout Iran during the summer of 2005. The results of antibiotic susceptibility testing showed that 86, 84, 84 and 82 % of the isolates were resistant to streptomycin, chloramphenicol, co-trimoxazole and tetracycline, respectively. The strains(More)
BACKGROUND The indiscriminate use of antibiotics in the treatment of infectious diseases can increase the development of antibiotic resistance. Therefore, there is a big demand for new sources of antimicrobial agents and alternative treatments for reduction of antibiotic dosage required to decrease the associated side effects. OBJECTIVES In this study,(More)
The purpose of this study is to review of spinal tuberculosis in three hospitals in Isfahan of Iran. We carried out a cross sectional study of 630 patients with tuberculosis and identified 100 patients with spinal involvement in the three hospitals. Tuberculosis was diagnosed based on one of a compatible clinical picture. A radiographic study of the spine(More)
Cryptosporidium spp. is a major cause of diarrhea in developing countries, mainly affecting people with compromised immune systems in general and HIV-infected individuals with low CD4 + T-cell counts in particular. This infection is self-limiting in healthy persons; however, it can be severe, progressive and persistent in those who are immunocompromised.(More)
AIM To improve our understanding of Iranian regional variation in Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) antibiotic resistance rates to find the best antibiotic therapy for eradication of H. pylori infections. METHODS A total of 266 patients undergoing endoscopy in Shiraz, Southern Iran, were included in this study. H. pylori strains were isolated from antral(More)
BACKGROUND Shigella spp. are major cause of diarrhoeal disease in both developing and developed countries. Shigella sonnei is the serogroup of Shigella most frequently responsible for sporadic and epidemic enteritis in developed countries. In recent years the emergence and spread of S. sonnei biotype g carrying class 2 integron have been frequently reported(More)
To conserve energy in the production of astaxanthin by the green alga Haematococcus pluvialis, we utilized intermittent flashing light from blue light emitting diodes (LEDs) and investigated the effects of the incident light intensity (2-12 micromol m(-2) s(-1)), duty cycle (17-67%) and frequency (25-200 Hz) of flashing on the cell growth and astaxanthin(More)