Reza Ramezani

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Semi-partitioned scheduling algorithms attempt to utilize the spare capacity in the partitioned approaches by splitting a number of tasks between processors. The main challenge in these approaches is how to split tasks and assign each partition to a different processor to achieve the highest system utilization while the lowest number of processors is(More)
A conventional computational system architecture is formed by a processor which executes tasks and a management unit which controls the task execution routine according to a required strategy. Different strategies (or task scheduling schemes) are developed to maximize system performance. The system performance can be maximized according to the specification(More)
Renewable energy sources, such as wind, solar and hydro, are increasingly incorporated into power grids, as a direct consequence of energy and environmental issues. These types of energies are variable and intermittent by nature and their exploitation introduces uncertainties into the power grid. Therefore, probabilistic analysis of the system performance(More)
Energy harvesting generators deliver nondeterministic power density over a range of explicit environmental conditions. To mitigate the variability of power provided by the harvesters, this paper presents a novel energy-proportional design approach, in which the computational circuit is driven by input power so that its switching activity is a function of(More)
Semantic web is constructed by semantic documents (such as RDF and OWL documents) and its size is determined by the number of semantic documents that are available on the web. Each semantic document contains several triples and makes relations between different entities by them. The number of explicit links among semantic documents compared to existing(More)
In energy-aware design, especially for systems with uncertain power sources, asynchronous computation loads which can function under variable power supply have many potential advantages. Fully safe asynchronous loads based on delay insensitivity (DI), however, tend to suffer power and size penalties. As a compromise, delay bundling has been widely used in(More)
With the introduction and standardization of the semantic web as the third generation of the Web, this technology has attracted and received more human attention than ever and thus the amount of semantic web data is constantly growing. These semantic web data are a rich source of useful knowledge for feeding data mining techniques. Semantic web data have(More)