Reza Rahmatolahzadeh

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In this study, a novel nanocarrier was synthesized based on methacrylated poly(lactic-co-glycolic acid) (mPLGA) as a lipophilic domain, acrylated methoxy poly(ethylene glycol) (aMPEG) as hydrophilic part and N-2-[(tert-butoxycarbonyl)amino] ethyl methacrylamide (Boc-AEMA) as pH-responsive segment. Radical polymerization of the above-mentioned three modified(More)
Self-assembled nanomicelles can be used as synthetic biomaterials and colloidal carriers for poorly water-soluble drug delivery systems. Some of these micellar systems have been introduced in clinical trials and showed hopeful results relating to their therapeutic index in patients. Biodegradable nanomicelle was prepared from self-assembling amphiphilic(More)
Tellurium inherently tends to form 1-D structures and while the 0-D Te nanostructures have better properties and applications in solar cell. In the present study, 0-D Te nanostructures including rice-like and spherical nanoparticles with the particle size of 15-40nm were successfully synthesized via a facile sonochemical method. In the absence of ultrasonic(More)
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