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BACKGROUND It is well known that the development of brain oxidative stress is one of the most serious complications of arterial hypertension that evokes brain tissue damage. The aim of this study was to examine the effects of atorvastatin treatment (20 mg/kg/day), as an antioxidant, to prevent the brain tissue oxidative stress in the hypertensive (HTN)(More)
We consider wireless mesh networks with cognitive ability of the wireless routers' radios. The cognitive ability is a cost efficient manner to increase available bandwidth but requires an adaptive bandwidth management mechanism to deal with dynamics of primary users' activities. In this paper, we investigate the joint channel allocation and routing in(More)
BACKGROUND War is a known cause of tremendous physical injuries to different body organs, and eyes are not exceptions. War-related no visual acuity (NVA) affects both the victim and the family. Activity of daily living (ADL) can display personal life independency and is considered as a morbidity index. This study was designed to investigate the ADL profile(More)
BACKGROUND Quality of Life measurements are necessary tools for effectively evaluating health services. In the population of patients afflicted with war-related blindness in Iran, such measurements have yet to be documented and utilized. "The design and implementation of this study involved the determination of a baseline score for QOL in a population of(More)
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