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Underwater Wireless Sensor Networks (UWSN) has attracted significant attention recently. One of the most important issues in these networks is the energy constraint. Battery power in UWSN is limited and usually batteries cannot be easily recharged or changed. Therefore energy saving in this type of networks is vital. Network life time can be estimated by(More)
Sensor networks usually generate continuous stream of data over time. Clustering sensor data as a core task of mining sensor data plays an essential role in analytical applications of sensor networks. Although several algorithms have been proposed to address the problem of distributed clustering, in the domain of sensor networks these algorithms face major(More)
This paper reports on a system developed for the BioNLP'09 shared task on detection and characterisation of biomedical events. Event triggers and types were recognised using a conditional random field classifier and a set of rules, while event participants were identified using a rule-based system that relied on relative distances between candidate entities(More)