Reza Moazzami

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Providing network connectivity to rural regions in the developing world is an economically challenging problem especially given the low income levels and low population densities in such regions. Many existing connectivity technologies incur a high deployment cost that limits their affordability. Leveraging several emerging wireless technologies, this paper(More)
Cell line development is the most critical and also the most time-consuming step in the production of recombinant therapeutic proteins. In this regard, a variety of vector and cell engineering strategies have been developed for generating high-producing mammalian cells; however, the cell line engineering approach seems to show various results on different(More)
Thirty cases of peptic ulcer were presented, all of which were diagnosed in accordance with strict radiological criteria. Upper abdominal pain was the most common presenting symptom. Hemorrhage occurred in 36.6% of the cases, and 16.6% suffered from melena and hematemesis requiring transfusions on admission. The only fatal case was due to perforation of a(More)
Hemoscorpius lepturus is the most medically important scorpion in Iran. The clinical signs of H. lepturus envenomation are remarkably similar to those reported for brown spiders, including dermonecrosis, hematuria, renal failure and even death. The lethality and toxicity of brown spiders' venom have been attributed to its phospholipase D activity. This(More)
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