Reza Malek-Madani

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A number of field experiments measuring the fluctuating intensity of a laser beam propagating along horizontal paths in the maritime environment is performed over sub-kilometer distances at the United States Naval Academy. Both above the ground and over the water links are explored. Two different detection schemes, one photographing the beam on a white(More)
Irradiance fluctuations of an infrared laser beam from a shore-to-ship data link ranging from 5.1 to 17.8 km are compared to lognormal (LN), gamma-gamma (GG) with aperture averaging, and gamma-Laguerre (GL) distributions. From our data analysis, the LN and GG probability density function (PDF) models were generally in good agreement in near-weak to moderate(More)
A Normal Mode Analysis (NMA) of the Chesapeake Bay was performed using Neumann boundary conditions and COMSOL MultiPhysics (formerly known as FEMLAB). The lowest 100 eigenstates were calculated and compared to a finite difference solution. Based on the normal modes derived numerically, surface current vector fields can be calculated. The vector fields of(More)
Academic usage of COMSOL for student use has only begun in the last five years at USNA. Student involvement comes in four types, course-wide usage, focused course related work, student projects and semester-long research projects. A summary of how COMSOL has been successfully used at USNA will be given, showing examples of student work, with topics ranging(More)
Acoustic landmine detection is accomplished using a loud speaker as an airborne source to generate low-frequency waves that enter the soil at a certain incident angle. At a specific frequency, the landmine will “vibrate” at resonance, imparting a certain velocity on the soil particles above it that is detected by a scanning Laser Doppler Vibrometer system.(More)
This project studies the nonhomogeneous steady-state solutions of the Gray-Scott model, a system of nonlinear partial differential equations that has received attention in the past decade in the context of pattern formation and morphogenesis. Morphogenesis, or ‘birth of shape’, is the biological term for the initial formation of patterns that occur in(More)
A method for probability density function (PDF) estimation using Bayesian mixtures of weighted gamma distributions, called the Dirichlet process gamma mixture model (DP-GaMM), is presented and applied to the analysis of a laser beam in turbulence. The problem is cast in a Bayesian setting, with the mixture model itself treated as random process. A(More)
A Normal Mode Analysis of the Chesapeake Bay has reached the phase of performing time-series analysis. Prior attempts using generalized eigenfunctions obtained from COMSOL have led to extraction of power spectra using a partial domain extraction and a waveletlike correction to the result. A new approach has been developed which effectively solves the(More)
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