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Heterostructured thin films differing either in their structure, composition, or in both have shown novel magnetic, [1,2] super-conducting, [3] ferroelectric, or electromechanical [4,5] responses. In the case of ferroelectrics, multilayers or superlattices have displayed enhanced polarization, [5–7] high dielectric permittiv-ity [8,9] and in some instances,(More)
Many new drugs, such as biologics and cancer drugs, are very costly. However, their effectiveness outside of clinical trial settings is often uncertain at the time they gain market approval. This uncertainty may reflect a lack of real-world outcomes data, as opposed to clinical trials data, for a typical patient population. A risk-sharing agreement is a(More)
We analyze a game-theoretic model of a risk-sharing agreement between a payer and a pharmaceutical firm. The drug manufacturer chooses the price while the payer sets the rebate rate and decides which patients are eligible for treatment. The manufacturer provides the payer with a rebate for nonresponding patients. We generalize on the existing literature, by(More)
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