Reza Mahboobi Esfanjani

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A robust model predictive controller is proposed for input constrained linear systems with discrete and distributed delay in the states, where uncertainty is described by an additive bounded disturbance. The method is an extension of recently developed, tube based model predictive control to time-delay systems. A robust local controller maintains the(More)
This paper proposes a model predictive control scheme for non-linear time-delay systems with input constraints. Based on the results for systems without delays, asymptotic stability of the closed loop is guaranteed by utilizing an appropriate terminal cost functional and an appropriate terminal region such that the optimal cost for the finite-horizon(More)
A novel robust finite-horizon Kalman filter is presented for networked linear time-varying systems with norm-bounded parameter uncertainty whether, or not, the data packets in the network are time-stamped. Measured data loss and latency in the communication link are both described by a Bernoulli distributed random sequence. Then, a two-stage recursive(More)
In this paper, novel procedure is developed to synthesis a switching controller for asymptotic stabilization of networked control systems (NCSs). The NCS is modeled as a continuous-time switched system with input time-delay; then utilizing an appropriate switching Lyapunov-Krasovskii functional, a sufficient condition is derived to determine the(More)
In this paper, a switching static state feedback controller is designed for the posture stabilization of a wheeled mobile robot which is controlled over a communication network. The control problem is formulated as the asymptotic stabilization of a continuous time-delay switched system. By efficient computation, less conservative sufficient condition is(More)