Reza M Karimi

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OBJECTIVES To create a doctor of pharmacy curricular experience that will decrease students' social barriers to interaction with and treatment of mentally-ill patients. DESIGN We created a survey instrument to measure 4 aspects of students' conceptions of schizophrenia and clinical depression: (1) understanding of the medical nature of each disease, (2)(More)
OBJECTIVES To assess the impact of a program to integrate introductory pharmacy practice experiences with pharmaceutical science topics by promoting active learning, self-directed learning skills, and critical-thinking skills. DESIGN The Learning Bridge, a curriculum program, was created to better integrate the material first-year (P1) students learned in(More)
OBJECTIVES To implement a Learning Bridge tool to improve educational outcomes for pharmacy students as well as for preceptors and faculty members. DESIGN Pharmacy faculty members collaborated to write 9 case-based assignments that first-year pharmacy (P1) students worked with preceptors to complete while at experiential sites. ASSESSMENT Students,(More)
OBJECTIVE To characterize the use of team-based learning (TBL) in US colleges and schools of pharmacy, including factors that may affect implementation and perceptions of faculty members regarding the impact of TBL on educational outcomes. METHODS Respondents identified factors that inhibit or enable TBL use and its impact on student learning. Results(More)
OBJECTIVES To evaluate whether a novel integrated longitudinal curricular activity to prepare graduating doctor of pharmacy (PharmD) students for 2 comprehensive examinations was successful, and to assess whether it engaged other pharmacy students in curricular discussion and learning. DESIGN Thirty-eight of 91graduating third-year (P3) students in a(More)
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