Reza Hemmati

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  • Sayed Mojtaba Shirvani, Reza Hemmati, Hasan Fayazi Boroujeni
  • 2011
In multi area electric power systems, if a large load is suddenly connected (or disconnected) to the system, or if a generating unit is suddenly disconnected by the protection equipment, there will be a long-term distortion in the power balance between that delivered by the turbines and that consumed by the loads. This imbalance is initially covered from(More)
This paper provides an optimal approach to denote the location and size of ESSs (energy storage systems) with the intention of reliability improvement in radial electrical distribution networks. The proposed optimal ESSs planning is addressed as a minimization problemwhich aims at minimizing the cost of ENS (energy not supplied) as well as ESSs costs at the(More)
Original scientific paper In order to attain the optical pulses with high frequency, the pulse-width must be very short. In practical systems, passive Q-switching is mainly regarded as one of the main methods to generate the short optical pulses. In passive Q-switching method, the optical pulses are generated by using laser parameters and therefore, the(More)
Energy storage systems (ESSs) have experienced a very rapid growth in recent years and are expected to be a promising tool in order to improving power system reliability and being economically efficient. The ESSs possess many potential benefits in various areas in the electric power systems. One of the main benefits of an ESS, especially a bulk unit, relies(More)
We propose a new and efficient algorithm to detect, identify, and correct measurement errors and branch parameter errors of power systems. A dynamic state estimation algorithm is used based on the Kalman filter theory. The proposed algorithm also successfully detects and identifies sudden load changes in power systems. The method uses three normalized(More)
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