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Methyl jasmonate (MeJA) inhibited germination and root elongation of maize seeds. There was a reciprocal relationship between MeJA concentrations applied and seed germination and radicle growth. Determination of α-amylase activity in crude extracts and zymogram analysis showed that both activity and content of the enzyme decreased in the presence of MeJA.(More)
To understand alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) reactions to osmotic stress, solutions with −0.5, −1 and −1.5 MPa osmotic potentials using PEG (Poly ethyleneglycol) and distilled water as control were prepared. In a germination test, eleven alfalfa cultivar seeds were allowed to germinate in these solutions. M. sativa cv. Yazdi and M. sativa cv. Gharayonje,(More)
Proteolytic activities in digestive system extracts from the larval midgut of the lesser mulberry pyralid, Glyphodes pyloalis Walker (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae), were analyzed using different specific peptide substrates and proteinase inhibitors. High proteolytic activities were found at pH 10.0 and a temperature of 50° C using azocasein as substrate. The(More)
The biochemical properties of α- and β-glucosidase in salivary glands, alimentary canal and haemolymph of Naranga aenescens larvae, one of the most damaging pests of the rice crop in Iran, were investigated. The specific activity of α-glucosidases were 3.88, 2.74 and 1.58 μmol/min per mg protein in the alimentary canal, salivary glands and haemolymph of(More)
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