Reza Ebrahimi

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Little is known about how salinity affects ions distribution in root apoplast and symplast. Using x-ray microanalysis, ions distribution and the relative contribution of apoplastic and symplastic pathways for delivery of ions to root xylem were studied in sunflower plants exposed to moderate salinity (EC = 6). Cortical cells provided a considerably extended(More)
INTRODUCTION Mini-gastric bypass (MGB) is a bariatric surgical technique popular in many centers due to shorter duration, easier technique, and excellent weight loss results. However, it may be associated with postoperative malnutrition. This case describes the clinical course and unfortunate outcome of a morbidly obese patient who underwent MGB and(More)
INTRODUCTION We evaluated the posttransplant complications resulting from infections and their association with graft function, immunosuppressive drugs, and mortality. MATERIALS AND METHODS A total of 142 kidney allograft recipients were followed for 1 year after transplantation. The patients' status was assessed during regular visits, and data including(More)
A Lagrangian-Eulerian numerical scheme for the investigation of bubble motion in turbulent flow is developed. The flow is analyzed in the Eulerian reference frame while the bubble motion is simulated in the Lagrangian one. Finite volume scheme is used, and SIMPLEC algorithm is utilized for the pressure and velocity linkage. The Reynolds stresses are modeled(More)
A numerical scheme for bubble trajectories including their collisions is developed. An Eulerian-Lagrangian computational scheme is used to study the bubble trajectories. The 2D averaged Navier stokes equations are solved. The SIMPLEC algorithm is used to relate the pressure to velocity. A one-way coupling is assumed and the effects of the bubbles on carrier(More)
We propose novel techniques to find the optimal location, size, and power factor of distributed generation (DG) to achieve the maximum loss reduction for distribution networks. Determining the optimal DG location and size is achieved simultaneously using the energy loss curves technique for a pre-selected power factor that gives the best DG operation. Based(More)
In this study, combustion in a 5kW porous burner is simulated. The two dimensional Navier-Stokes, the energy and the chemical species transport equations are solved and a multistep kinetics mechanism (5 reactions and 7 species) is employed. Finite volume method is used for simulation. Thermal nonequilibrium is accounted for gas and solid temperature and(More)