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Adolescent gambling is a major social problem in North America. Over the years this problem has given rise to a number of theoretical explanations. This paper argues that the existing explanations of youth gambling underestimate the influence of broader structural forces conducive to youth gambling problem and, instead, provide micro analyses that often(More)
Recruiting participants for a research project can be challenging. Incentives, particularly monetary incentives, have been shown to increase response rates. Offering a monetary incentive for participation in a research study can become very costly for the investigators. For this reason some researchers, including graduate students involved in under-funded(More)
Preliminary note One of the major issues in automotive industry is to develop hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) as the prime candidate for improving fuel efficiency and emissions reduction. This study addresses the impact of an actual drive pattern and control strategy on the conventional and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV). In the first step the(More)
  • Reza Barmaki
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  • 2007
This study reconstructs the image of the ‘normal’ child in Ontario from 1867 to 1900. During this time period the ‘normal’ child was modeled after the idealized image of a bourgeois adult. The idealized bourgeois adult was the embodiment of Protestantism, industriousness, decency, and culture. Any deviation from this image usually meant delinquency, or(More)
In this paper, perfect trajectory tracking control of a non-holonomic Wheeled Mobile Robot (WMR) is tackled. First, a Sliding Mode Controller (SMC) is proposed to convergence of WMR on desired position, velocity and orientation trajectories. Due to the weak performance of the SMC against exogenous inputs, a Mamdani-type fuzzy system is designed to improve(More)
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