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Protection of physical assets and digital information is of growing importance to society. As with any new technology, user acceptance of new software and hardware devices is often hard to gauge, and policies to introduce and ensure adequate and correct usage of such technologies are often lacking. Security technologies have widespread applicability to(More)
Experimental research on Group Decision Support Systems (GDSS) has generally focused on democratic groups whose members typically share the same objectives. In organizations, however, there are many situations where groups have a leader who has the power to override the group’s recommendation, the objective of the leader may not be the same as the objective(More)
Ž . Experimental research on Group Decision Support Systems GDSS has generally focused on idea generation and choice tasks. The experiments have typically consisted of groups whose members share the same objectives and do not have a formally designated leader. This paper reports on the results of an experiment in which the groups worked on a Ž mixed-motive(More)
In this paper we propose a new formulation for the bandwidth packing problem (BWP) in telecommunications networks. This problem is one of selecting calls, from a list of requests, to be routed in the telecommunications network. We consider both revenue losses and costs associated with communications delay as parts of the objective. An ecient Lagrangean(More)