Reza Ardekani

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The increasing interest in the investigation of social behaviours of a group of animals has heightened the need for developing tools that provide robust quantitative data. Drosophila melanogaster has emerged as an attractive model for behavioural analysis; however, there are still limited ways to monitor fly behaviour in a quantitative manner. To study(More)
Although there is a heritable basis for many animal behaviors, the genetic architecture of behavioral variation in natural populations remains mostly unknown, particularly in vertebrates. We sought to identify the genetic basis for social affiliation in two populations of threespine sticklebacks (Gasterosteus aculeatus) that differ in their propensity to(More)
BACKGROUND Ferritin is an iron storage protein, which plays a key role in iron metabolism. Measurement of ferritin level in serum is one of the most useful indicators of iron status and also a sensitive measurement of iron deficiency. Monoclonal antibodies may be useful as a tool in various aspects of ferritin investigations. In this paper, the production(More)
BACKGROUND In vivo imaging and quantification of fluorescent reporter molecules is increasingly useful in biomedical research. For example, tracking animal movement in 3D with simultaneous quantification of fluorescent transgenic reporters allows for correlations between behavior, aging and gene expression. However implementation has been hindered in the(More)
Across a diversity of animals, male seminal fluid coagulates upon ejaculation to form a hardened structure known as a copulatory plug. Previous studies suggest that copulatory plugs evolved as a mechanism for males to impede remating by females, but detailed investigations into the time course over which plugs survive in the female's reproductive tract are(More)
Senescence is associated with changes in gene expression, including the upregulation of stress response- and innate immune response-related genes. In addition, aging animals exhibit characteristic changes in movement behaviors including decreased gait speed and a deterioration in sleep/wake rhythms. Here, we describe methods for tracking Drosophila(More)
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