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The purpose of this paper is the study of congruence and strong congruence of multialgebras. In this regard first we introduce the notion of compatibility and strong compatibility in multialgebras and then we study congruences on multialgebras as a generalization of congruences in ordinary algebras. We investigate some of the important properties of(More)
The aim of this paper is the generalization of the notion of fuzzy vector spaces to fuzzy hypervector spaces. In this regard, by considering the notion of fuzzy hypervector spaces, we characterized a fuzzy hypervector space based on its level sub-hyperspace. The algebraic nature of fuzzy hypervector space under transformations is studied. Certain conditions(More)
  • Reza Ameri
  • 2008
In this paper we introduce fuzzy congruence and fuzzy strong congruence of semi-hypergroups as well as polygroups. We obtain some results in this respect. We also prove that FC(H), the set of all fuzzy strong congruences on a polygroup H, consists a complete lattice and this lattice is isomorphic to FN (H), the lattice of fuzzy normal subpolygroups.
The aim of this paper is the study of fuzzy Γ-hyperrings. In this regard the notion of ν-fuzzy hyperideals of Γ-hyperrings are introduced and basic properties of them are investigated. In particular, the representation theorem for ν-fuzzy hyperideals are given and it is shown that the image of a ν-fuzzy hyperideal of a Γ-hyperring under a certain conditions(More)
We introduce and study fuzzy hypervector spaces based on fuzzy singletons. In this regard by considering the notion of fuzzy singletons, we characterize a fuzzy hypervector space fuzzily spanned by a fuzzy subset. Then we use these results to introduce the concept of fuzzy freeness of a fuzzy subset µ of a hypervector space V and finally we characterize it(More)