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ecause stress is a leading cause of illness and disease and is so pervasive, there is an inherent need to be able to monitor stress in real time over extended periods. A real-time personal stress monitor would benefit individuals by providing continuous feedback about their stress levels and by helping their physicians to objectively evaluate stress(More)
Monitoring of the electrocardiogram during normal activity using Holter devices has become standard procedure for detection of cardiac arrhythmias, transient ischemic episodes and silent myocardial ischemia. Existing devices mostly record "twenty-four" hour activity and then perform off-line record analysis. We present realization of an intelligent(More)
This paper presents a fault classification technique for transmission lines based on the fault sequence components, for fast and reliable operation of protective relays. First, symmetrical components of fault current and voltage signals are extracted. Next, the fault type is classified using the zero and negative sequences. To realize the faulted phases in(More)
In SAR applications, the size of data can be quite large, and many data compression algorithms have been developed to reduce the storage requirements for SAR data. Previous research has been done on the compression of both amplitude and raw SAR data. However, the performance metrics used in these compression schemes are often visual-related metrics such as(More)
In harsh economic downtrends, similar to those experienced in the past few years, organizational leaders within companies sought ways to reduce operating costs to boost shareholder value. Unfortunately, most of them took a short-sighted approach by eliminating some of their human capital, one of the most valuable assets of an organization. Of course, in the(More)
Biometric authentication using fingerprint is one of the unique, prominent and reliable method of verification processes. The paper presents different techniques used in fingerprint authentication system. Log Gabor filter algorithm is used to extract the features of fingerprints. Then, these features are compared for identification and recognition of a(More)
This paper discusses modern hash function construction using the NIST SHA-3 competition as a survey of modern hash function construction properties. Three primary hash function designs are identified based on the designs of SHA-3 candidates submitted as part of the NIST SHA-3 competition. These designs are Wide-pipe, Sponge, and HAsh Iterated FrAmework(More)
Pectoral muscle in mediolateral mammogram view is one of the three landmarks for mammogram registration. Mammogram registration is an important step in detecting gradual changes that occur over time and may be missed by radiologists. Detection of pectoral muscle is a challenging process due to factors such as overlapping fibroglandular tissue especially for(More)