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ecause stress is a leading cause of illness and disease and is so pervasive, there is an inherent need to be able to monitor stress in real time over extended periods. A real-time personal stress monitor would benefit individuals by providing continuous feedback about their stress levels and by helping their physicians to objectively evaluate stress(More)
Monitoring of the electrocardiogram during normal activity using Holter devices has become standard procedure for detection of cardiac arrhythmias, transient ischemic episodes and silent myocardial ischemia. Existing devices mostly record "twenty-four" hour activity and then perform off-line record analysis. We present realization of an intelligent(More)
A b s t r a c b In this paper, a novel direct digital frequency synthesizer (DDFS) is introduced in which a combination of linear and even piecewise parabolic polynomial interpolation (EPW) is used to interpolate the first quadrant of a cosine signal. An appropriate combination of these two methods is employed to maximize the spurious free dynamic range and(More)
 In this paper, an optimized direct digital frequency synthesizer (DDFS) utilizing even fourth order polynomial is introduced. The spurious free dynamic range (SFDR) upper bound of the design is evaluated and an optimized digital system is designed to implement the method. It is shown that SFDR of the implemented digital system is 72.2dBc, which is only(More)