Reza A. Ghanbari

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Lipid self-assembled structures (SASs) have recently gained considerable interest for their potential applications, especially for sustained nutrient release and protein crystallization. An additional property, which is underexploited, is their ability to control chemical reactions in food products. Here, we concentrate on SASs formed by phospholipids (PLs)(More)
We present an experimental investigation of the diffusion of unfolded polymers in the triply-periodic water-channel network of inverse bicontinuous cubic phases. Depending on the chain size, our results indicate the presence of two different dynamical regimes corresponding to Zimm and Rouse diffusion. We support our findings by scaling arguments based on a(More)
For the fabrication of large-area, spatially coherent gratings with periods of 100 nm or less, a grating interferometer is preferred over a conventional holographic configuration because of the limited coherence of available sources. Using a configuration that employs two matched fused silica phase gratings and an ArF excimer laser, we obtain high-quality(More)
Laser confocal microscopy was used to visualize intracellular spatiotemporal Ca2+ patterns in single guinea pig ventricular myocytes loaded with the Ca2+ indicator, fluo 3-acetoxymethyl ester (fluo 3-AM), and exposed to moderately elevated extracellular K+ to induce partial membrane depolarization. Analysis of K(+)-induced intracellular Ca2+ elevation(More)
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