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A real-time lightning location network started to operate in Indonesia in mid 1995 and began providing reliable data in the end of the same year. The network consists of 8 signal receiving stations and works using the Time-Of-Arrival (TOA) technique. Area covered by the network includes: Java Island, Bali Island, Southern part of Sumatra Island, Southern(More)
Indonesa has a very good location for the source of renewable energy from wind. Wind turbin need a toll structure to get the good turbin performance. Indonesa is located at the equator and has lightning characteristic differ from the characteristic measured in sub-tropical region. The later one are used as the basic data for the international lightning(More)
Because the low insulation strength of distribution lines, virtually all strokes that terminate on the phase conductors of a distribution lines will result in flashover. However, in some cases, shield wire may provide some measure of protection from these direct strokes. Distribution lines are also subjected to over voltages induced by strokes that(More)
This paper issues on 20kV overhead lines related to lightning strike to the medium voltage line and the consequences of lightning overvoltage at the tropical Area like Serpong area near Jakarta. Few standard lightning protection solutions are discussed in terms of expected performance and limitations. Implementation of Multi-Chamber Arrester (MCA) and the(More)
Lightning is a major cause of insulator damages in power system in Indonesia. Located in tropical country with the highest lightning density, Indonesian electrical companies suffering a big outages number caused by lightning. According to Indonesian national electrical company, Perusahaan Listrik Negara (PLN), over 56% outages in their 500 kV system is(More)
Very high power outage on distribution lines was experienced at south Jakarta, Indonesia. The annual lightning flash density in the area recorded very high, exceeding more than 15 flashes per km. A study was carried out in this region and using lightning data from lightning detection network. Improvement of lightning protection was carried out by installing(More)
500 kV Extra High Voltage Transmission Lines, which have higher insulation level than other transmission lines with lower voltage level, should have more strength against lightning strikes. But in reality several problems appear. Broken insulators due to lightning strikes are often found in 500 kV EHV lines. Research on these problems was carried out at(More)
High Voltage / Extra High Voltage over-head lines performance to the lightning strikes can be determined by using lightning strike to ground density level. Thus, an evaluation of the High Voltage / Extra High Voltage over-head lines performance calculation can be accurately done using the density of lightning strike to ground on regions that are passed(More)
High Voltage / Extra High Voltage (HV/EHV) performance calculation of lightning stroke used to use thunder days method. With the technology improvement where it can be known the ground flash density, the Lightning Performance of HV/EHV transmission lines can be accurately done by using the ground flash density in the region that are passed by the(More)
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