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Visible light active N-doped TiO2 immobilized on polystyrene as efficient system for wastewater treatment
Abstract The photocatalytic activity of N-doped TiO2 particles supported on polystyrene (PS) surface by using a solvent-cast method at ambient temperature was evaluated on methylene blue (MB) dyeExpand
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Characterization and removal of antibiotic residues by NFC-doped photocatalytic oxidation from domestic and industrial secondary treated wastewaters in Meric-Ergene Basin and reuse assessment for
Antibiotics are important contaminants that have become an increasingly big problem due to the discharge of the receiving environment. The presence of these organic based pollutants in influentExpand
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Colour Removal from Biologically Treated Textile Dyeing Wastewater with Natural and Novel Pre-Hydrolysed Coagulants
In this paper, natural (chitosan and starch) and novel pre-hydrolysed coagulants (PACl, PAFC, PFS and PFC) were performed with coagulant aid for colour removal from a biologically treated textileExpand
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Assessment of Recovery & Reuse Activities For Industrial Wastewaters In Miscellaneous Sectors
Endustri devriminin ve hizli kentlesmenin baslangicinda, doganin sonsuza kadar artan kirliligi gizleme gucunun oldugu veya sonsuz bir muamele kapasitesine sahip oldugu dusunuluyordu. BununlaExpand
Evaluation of different nanofiltration membranes for reuse of biologically treated denim textile mill wastewater
The aim of this study was to investigate the reuse possibility with nanofiltration (NF) membranes of biologically treated textile wastewater (COD: 350 mg/L, color: 108.9 m–1 and conductivity: 2,843Expand
Evaluation of effects of textile wastewater on the quality of cotton fabric dye
In this study, reuse of biologically treated wastewater of denim washing and dyeing industry has been evaluated by membrane technologies. After that experiments were carried out at laboratory scaleExpand
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