Reyes Peña-Santiago

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The spatial distribution of 138 Dorylaimid and Mononchid species collected in a natural area from the Southeast Iberian Peninsula was studied. A chorological classification was used to examine distribution patterns shared by groups of species. Eighty species were classified into 14 collective and 16 individual chorotypes. The geographical projections of(More)
A new species of the genus Stegelletina is described from caves of Andalucía Oriental (SE Iberian Peninsula). Stegelletina coprophila sp. n. is characterized by its body 386 to 536 mum long in females and 391 and 521 mum in males, lateral field with three incisures, lips bearing four tines, labial probolae 4 to 6 mum long and bifurcate, pharyngeal corpus(More)
Three rare nematode species of the family Belondiridae, originally described from and only known to occur in India are recorded for the first time in Vietnam: Axonchiumthoubalicum, Belondiramurtazai and Oxybelondiraparaperplexa. It is the first report of these three genera in this country. The three species are described, including new morphological data,(More)
A new species of the genus Crassolabium, Crassolabium persicumsp. n., collected from Arasbaran rangelands of Iran, is described and illustrated. It is characterized by its body 1.92-2.40 mm long, lip region offset by constriction and 17-19 μm wide, odontostyle 16-19 μm long with aperture occupying less than one-third (27-30%) its length, neck 428-690 μm(More)
Recently, specimens of Cephalobus topali, collected from an agricultural area from northern Vietnam, are described, including SEM study. They are characterized by their its 306-347 µm long body in females, lateral field with two alae or 3-4 longitudinal incisures, lip region with three pairs of asymmetrical conoid lips, three low and rounded labial probolae(More)
Three new species of Aporcelaimoides from natural habitats in Vietnam are studied, described and illustrated, including line drawings, LM and/or SEM pictures. Aporcelaimoidesbrevistylum sp. n. is characterized by its body 1.95-2.90 mm long, lip region offset by deep constriction and 17-18 µm broad, ventral side of mural odontostyle 11-14 µm long with(More)
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