Rey Donne S. Papa

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Body size and environmental prey availability are both key factors determining feeding habits of gape-limited fish predators. However, our understanding of their interactive or relative effects is still limited. In this study, we performed quantitative dietary analysis of different body sizes of goby (Gymnogobius isaza) specimens collected from Lake Biwa(More)
Zooplankton were collected from Lake Taal between January and December 2008 in order to test for differences in species composition and abundance between a lake basin with intensive fish cage (FC) aquaculture and an open water area without FCs. Most species showed similar patterns of occurrence in both basins while having differences in abundance. Several(More)
A study originally intended to update the systematics and zoogeography of calanoid copepods in Philippine lakes has led to the discovery of an invasion by the Neotropical Arctodiaptomus dorsalis. It now occurs in 18 out of 27 lakes in the archipelago. Only four of the 12 previously recorded native and endemic calanoids have been encountered in the lakes,(More)
Despite the increasing number of studies on use of a functional diversity approach in community ecology, minimal information is available on functional traits of zooplankton in tropical and subtropical freshwater systems. The versatility of functional-trait-based approaches helps provide insight into many ecological processes in freshwater communities. We(More)
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