Rexford L. Hill

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Regional ventilation has been measured in 17 healthy volunteers, and 24 patients with chronic obstructive lung disease during tidal breathing using 133-Xe. The wash-in and wash-out of 133-Xe were recorded by a gamma camera interfaced to a small digital computer. Regional ventilation was calculated as the distribution of tidal volume per unit lung volume-a(More)
A microcomputer system has been developed and installed at the Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology to monitor the moment-to-moment activity in a radiology department. Data about department performances are collected, summarized, and displayed in graphs and tables on terminals at stations throughout the department. The system is currently used to monitor a(More)
A minicomputer system has been developed to assist in the transcription, distribution, and long-term storage of radiology reports. Reports are dictated in the traditional manner by a radiologist and then entered into specially programmed computer terminals by a transcriptionist. Completed reports are electronically distributed throughout the department and(More)
CS designers must learn to cope with-and in some cases capitalize on-the differences between PACS and conventional network architectures. New technology is making the task easier. The layered approach to the design of computer networks has been developed in the contexts of distributed data processing and office automation. '2 We have suggested an analogous(More)
Regional ventilation-perfusion ratios have been determined in 12 healthy subjects, 16 patients with pulmonary embolism, and 22 patients with chronic obstructive lung disease. The ventilation-perfusion ratios were determined from xenon-133 ventilation studies and 99-tc-m-labeled particle perfusion scans, using either the fractional exchange of air or the(More)