Rex N MacAlpin

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Abnormal interventricular septal motion, with pre-ejection posterior motion and anterior motion away from the posterior left ventricular wall during ejection, was demonstrated by echocardiography in 14 out of 17 cases with complete left bundle branch block (LBBB). Two of 14 cases had intermittent LBBB and showed abnormal septal motion only during LBBB. Of(More)
We report clinical experience with the coronary vasodilator nifedipine in 127 patients with symptoms of myocardial ischemia associated with electrocardiographic or angiographic evidence, or both, of coronary-artery spasm. In the majority of patients conventional antianginal therapy including nitrates and beta-adrenergic blockers failed, and in one third of(More)
Available estimates of the ratio of wall thickness to luminal radius of human coronary arteries and certain geometrical assumptions were used to calculate the amounts of vascular smooth muscle shortening required to produce specific changes in luminal diameter for hypothetical "normal" and stenotic arteries. The results indicate that even modest mural(More)
Among 63 patients with Prinzmetal's variant angina, coronary arterial spasm responsible for attacks of variant angina was documented arteriographically in 9 patients. In each observed episode (11 attacks in nine patients), coronary spasm producing myocardial ischemia occurred at and was superimposed on a site of preexisting organic stenosis. Measurements of(More)
OBJECTIVE Notching of R and S waves in the QRS complex can result from myocardial infarction. As defined in recent studies, the 'fragmented QRS' (fQRS) showed high sensitivity and specificity for the presence of myocardial scar as imaged by myocardial perfusion scanning in participants studied for ischemic heart disease. The present study attempted to(More)