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C Co om mp pu ut te er r S Se el lf f-E Ef ff fi ic ca ac cy y: : A A P Pr ra ac ct ti ic ca al l I In nd di ic ca at to or r o of f S St tu ud de en nt t C Co om mp pu ut te er r C Co om mp pe et te en nc cy y i in n I In nt tr ro od du uc ct to or ry y I IS S C Co ou ur rs se es s ABSTRACT Students often receive their first college-level computer training(More)
The Academy of Educational Leadership is a subsidiary of the Allied Academies, Inc., a non-profit association of scholars, whose purpose is to support and encourage research and the sharing and exchange of ideas and insights throughout the world. Authors retain copyright for their manuscripts and provide the Academy with a publication permission agreement.(More)
While many organizations have already implemented telecommuting as a workplace option, many others may be reluctant to make a full-scale commitment to this still relatively new approach. There are many individual, organizational, and environmental issues driving organizations to consider telecommttting. The pilot project approach to exploring and responding(More)
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