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Students often receive their first college-level computer training in introductory information systems courses. Students and faculty frequently expect this training to develop a level of student computer competence that will support computer use in future courses. In this study, we applied measures of computer self-efficacy to students in a typical(More)
While many organizations have already implemented telecommuting as a workplace option, many others may be reluctant to make a full-scale commitment to this still relatively new approach. There are many individual, organizational, and environmental issues driving organizations to consider telecommttting. The pilot project approach to exploring and responding(More)
The impact of distinctive analyst and end user perspectives on system development, implementation, and evaluation has been of recurring interest in the information systems research literature. Analysts and users have been recognized as distinct groups with diverse personal and organizational goals and perspectives (Robey, Farrow, and Franz, 1989). The(More)
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