Rex K.-F. Sheu

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Brain metabolism and the activity of the alpha-ketoglutarate dehydrogenase complex (KGDHC), a mitochondrial enzyme, are diminished in brains from patients with Alzheimer's disease (AD). In 109 subjects, the Clinical Dementia Rating (CDR) score was highly correlated with brain KGDHC activity. In AD patients who carried the epsilon 4 allele of the(More)
Alzheimer disease (AD) is a form of the dementia syndrome. AD appears to have a variety of fundamental etiologies that lead to the neuropathological manifestations which define the disease. Patients who are at high risk to develop AD typically show impairments of cerebral metabolic rate in vivo even before they show any evidence of the clinical disease on(More)
"Energy metabolism" is deranged in a wide variety of disorders of the nervous system. This term refers rather loosely to the pathways responsible for the utilization of the major substrates of brain. Primary disorders of energy metabolism are those in which the primary insult affects the cellular machinery required for energy metabolism. A typical example(More)
When cultured skin fibroblasts were exposed to culture conditions designed to favor the expression of neuronal antigens, cells from each of 19 patients with Alzheimer's disease reacted immunocytochemically with antibodies to paired helical filaments, Alz-50, or both compared with only a small fraction of cells from 19 identically treated age-matched control(More)
Histone H1, which contains about 27% lysine, is an excellent lysyl donor substrate of Ca(2+)-activated guinea pig liver tissue transglutaminase as judged by rapid fluorescence enhancement in the presence of the glutaminyl-donor substrate 1-N-(carbobenzoxy-L-glutaminylglycyl)-5-N-(5'N'N'-dimethylamino naphth alenesulfonyl) diamidopentane. Sodium dodecyl(More)
Controversy exists about which of the well-established neurobiological abnormalities in Alzheimer’s disease (AD) relate directly to the clinical disabilities. Because of an interest in the mitochondrial lesion in AD, we tested the correlation between clinical disability (measured by the Clinical Dementia Rating [CDR] scale) and an anomaly in mitochondrial(More)
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