Rex Haigh

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The high activity Val158 (H) allele of the dopamine-metabolizing enzyme catechol-O-methyltransferase (COMT) was associated with anorexia nervosa (AN) in a recent family trio-based study of patients from Israel. In an attempt to replicate this finding, we performed a combined family trio and case-control study in an European population from seven centers in(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Use of thrombolysis and acute treatments for cerebral infarction may require that acute stroke be treated as a medical emergency. To assess the factors influencing the time to admission in acute stroke, we conducted a prospective study of all such patients admitted to the hospitals in Leicester, UK, over a 12-month period. METHODS(More)
Exposure limits for dangerous substances in working environments have played a major part in the control of occupational disease. Exposure limits are quantitative health standards expressed as mean concentrations over a given period which an environmental pollutant must not exceed if the exposed workers' health is not to be affected. This is true provided(More)
During the 14 years between the beginning of academic year 1976-7 and the end of academic year 1989-90, 216 Oxford University students (119 females and 97 males) were referred to the general hospital in Oxford because of suicide attempts (254 in all). The rate of attempted suicide during university term-time (106/100,000) was lower than in other young(More)
As the inevitability of regulation and accountability dawned on the British Therapeutic Community movement at the end of the 1990s, a polarised debate took place. The product of that debate is now an action research based system of audit, with its principles and methods based on therapeutic community practice. This paper is written four years after the(More)