Rex H.-G. Chen

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The novel antifungal agents, calbistrins A, B, C and D have been isolated from a strain of Penicillium restrictum (AB 1875C-28). The four congeners were separated by bioactivity directed fractionation using countercurrent chromatography and preparative-HPLC. NMR studies revealed that the calbistrins each contain a carboxylic acid conjugated tetraene(More)
A novel class of antibiotics was isolated from cultures of Streptomyces coeruleorubidus strain AB 1183F-64. The antimicrobial activity of the pacidamycins is selective against Pseudomonas aeruginosa. The various congeners are nucleoside peptides which differ in the terminal amino acid residues. The structures were determined using MS-MS and 2D NMR(More)
A novel complex of elfamycin-type antibiotics has been isolated from submerged fermentation of either Streptomyces violaceoniger AB 999F-80 or Streptomyces violaceoniger AB 1047T-33. Antibiotics were extracted from the fermentation broth with ethyl acetate and from the mycelia with acetone. Purification of individual components was achieved by a combination(More)
The pacidamycins are a new complex of nucleosidyl-peptide antibiotics with highly specific activity against Pseudomonas aeruginosa. They are produced by Streptomyces coeruleorubidus AB 1183F-64 which was isolated from a soil sample collected at Offenburg in the FRG. The mature spore masses of the producing organism are greenish gray to blue, and the spore(More)
The novel calcineurin inhibitor, dibefurin, has been isolated from the fungal culture AB 1650I-759. The isolation was bioactivity-directed fractionation using an assay which measures the phosphatase activity of calcineurin. The compound was purified by countercurrent, reverse phase and gel filtration chromatographies. Several studies, including(More)
Two novel triterpene sulfates have been isolated from Fusarium compactum by bioactivity-directed fractionation using an assay which measures the inhibition of proteolytic activity of rhinovirus 3C protease on a fluorogenic peptide substrate. The compounds were purified by countercurrent and reverse phase chromatographies. NMR, MS, UV and IR studies revealed(More)