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The possible existence of asymmetry in the control of ovulation by the medial amygdala was explored. Unilateral lesions of the medial amygdala were performed on each day of the estrous cycle. The estral index diminished in almost all animals with a lesion in the right side of medial amygdala. Lesions of the right medial amygdala, when performed on(More)
Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) overlaps major depression (MD) clinically, but differs with respect to treatment response and some biological markers. Sleep disturbances represent core features of PTSD and are also common in MD. Rapid eye movement sleep (REM) has been postulated to be involved in the pathophysiology of PTSD, and REM abnormalities(More)
Unilateral atrophy of a cerebellar hemisphere occurring as a sequela of ischemic or destructive injury of the contralateral cerebral hemisphere is uncommon in children. We reviewed our experience with this phenomenon and found an unexpected association with extreme prematurity and a complicated perinatal course with a poor subsequent neurologic outcome. We(More)
We describe 10 infants with developmental delay and congenital cerebral anomalies who were found to have had in utero exposure to vasoactive drugs. Nine infants had ophthalmological abnormalities; these included strabismus, nystagmus, and/or hypoplastic optic discs. Six mothers used cocaine, one used cocaine and heroin, one used only heroin, one used(More)
PURPOSE To analyze and discuss the MR and CT features of Chiari type III malformations. PATIENTS AND METHOD MR and CT studies in nine neonates born at term with Chiari type III malformations were retrospectively reviewed. RESULTS High cervical/low occipital encephaloceles were present in all cases. Hypoplasia of the low and midline aspects of the(More)
The social network analysis (SNA) method is a set of methods considered these days as a paradigm or a method that offers " the mapping and measuring of relationships and flows between people, groups, organizations, animals, computers or other information/knowledge processing entities. The nodes in the network are the people and groups while the links show(More)
The blood pressure and pulse rate of 90 normal rabbits have been studied for various periods of time, from 1 day (accidental death interrupting the observation) to 15 months. The main data are presented in a table containing the blood pressure and pulse rate on the 1st day of observation, the maximum and minimum of both during the entire period of(More)
The flamenco dancer acts on the floor like a drummer. The percussive footwork and vibration patterns created during dancing impose unusual demands on the musculoskeletal system. This study investigated the clinical and biomechanical aspects of this task. Using the electrodynogram and skin-mounted accelerometers, foot pressures as well as hip and knee(More)
1. Van Leersum's range for the normal blood pressure in the rabbit, as recorded by his method, is confirmed. 2. Van Leersum's conclusion concerning the influence of a liver diet on the blood pressure of the rabbit is not substantiated by his data, since the fluctuations of blood pressure he obtained do not surpass his own recorded figures for normal(More)
Spinal cord cavitation is a frequent finding in optic neuromyelitis (Devic's syndrome) (DS) but it is also, although rarely, observed in patients with multiple sclerosis (MS). The objective of our study was to compare the MRI characteristics of the syringomyelic cavities in 6 patients with DS and 3 patients with MS. All the patients with DS had a relapsing(More)