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Alkyl-, haloalkyl-, and ketoalkyl-2-ethoxycarbonyl-1,3-dithianes were easily made from the appropriate primary or secondary alkyl bromides, 1,3-dithiane, and ethyl chloroformate. They were reacted with BrF(3) to form the corresponding alpha,alpha-difluoro esters in 65-75% yield. Reaction conditions are very mild (1-2 min, 0 degrees C). The two sulfur atoms(More)
[reaction: see text]. Various alkyl and aryl azides, readily obtained from halides or alcohols, were transformed into the corresponding nitriles using bromine trifluoride in moderate to good yields. The reaction is general and gives positive results with aliphatic, aromatic, cyclic, and functionalized azides. It can also be applied to the synthesis of(More)
2-Alkyl-1,3-dithiane derivatives, easily made from alkyl bromides and the parent 1,3-dithiane, were reacted with BrF(3) to form the corresponding 1,1-difluoromethyl alkanes (RCHF(2)) in 60-75% yield. The reaction proceeds well with primary alkyl halides. The limiting step for secondary alkyl halides is the relatively low yield of the dithiane preparation.(More)
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