Revital Huber

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—We analyze viewer-perceived quality of a compressed video stream, transmitted over a lossy IP network with a quality of service mechanism. The parameters of the encoding schemes include the transmission bit rate, the compression depth, the frame size and the frame rate. We demonstrate that when jointly considering the impact of the coding bit rate, the(More)
Transmission of a compressed video signal over a lossy communication network exposes the information to losses and errors, which leads to significant visible errors in the reconstructed frames at the decoder side. In this paper we present a new hybrid error concealment algorithm for compressed video sequences, based on temporal and spatial concealment(More)
One result of the recent advances in different components of imaging systems technology is that these systems have become more resolution-limited and less noise-limited. The most useful tool utilized in characterization of resolution-limited systems is the modulation transfer function (MTF). Our goal is to use the MTF as an image quality measure of image(More)
In our previous research, we have shown that prosody can be used to dramatically improve the performance of the automatic speech translation system VERBMOBIL [16]. The methods to classify prosodic events have been developed on the German subcorpus of the VERBMOBIL speech database. In this paper we describe how the methods that we developed on the German(More)
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