Revati Shriram

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Dental biometrics used in forensic science for human identification. It utilizes dental radiographs. This radiograph provides information related to teeth shape, teeth contour and relative position of neighboring teeth, also it gives shapes of dental work like crowns, filling & bridges etc. This paper includes different method used for dental biometrics and(More)
Measurement of blood volumetric changes in human body by photoplethysmographic sensors is used in present study. Objective is to measured different parameters that are heart rate, respiratory rate, BP. PPG signal is acquired by PPG sensor, microcontroller and RS 232. The acquired PPG signal is displayed in MATLAB. Frequency domain analysis of PPG signal(More)
Dental biometric system is used to identify deceased individual. Dental biometric system is used in forensic science. In this system AM radiograph is matched with PM radiograph to identify unidentified individual. Dental biometrics consists of four steps as: preprocessing of dental radiograph, segmentation, feature extraction and matching of AM and PM(More)
Coherence analysis can be detect for coordination of EEG rhythms between brain areas. It could not reflect the dynamic properties changing with time. Coherence analysis is a method developed on base of classic coherence analysis and signal's joint time-frequency representations in recent years. It was used to extract transient characteristics of(More)
The objective of the work is to make a simple wireless ECG and BP transmission system for ambulance use. A Wireless electrocardiogram (ECG) / blood pressure (BP) telemonitor system focused on integration of biopotential amplifiers, oscillometric measurement of blood pressure, microcontroller devices, programming methods, wireless transmission, signal(More)
Detection of blood volume change in the skin by using Photoplethysmogram (PPG) sensor is based on the principle that hemoglobin in the blood absorbs infrared light than the other tissue. Favorable optical window is around 990 nm range. The reflectance type photoplethysmographic sensor is designed using two different detectors. Objective is to compare the(More)
Modern work requires multitasking and the need for sustained vigilance, which result in workrelated stress and increase the possibility of human error. So methods for estimating cognitive overload and mental fatigue of the brain during work performance are needed. Cognitive load (CL) refers to the amount of mental demand imposed by a task on a person, and(More)
To understand ‘Working of Human Brain’, measurements related to the brain function are required. These measurements should be possibly non-invasive. Brain should be disturbed as less as possible during the measurement. Integration of various modalities plays a vital role in understanding the cognitive and the behavioral changes in the human brain. It is an(More)
Osteoporosis is characterized by compromised bone strength and is considered to be a silent disease that entails significant social and economic burdens. This disease causes reduction in weight and bone fractures. Dual X-ray Absoptiometry i. e. DXA is the commonly used technique to determine Bone Mineral Density. The high cost and limited availability of(More)