Revati Shriram

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— Brain-mapping techniques have proven to be vital in understanding the molecular, cellular, and functional mechanisms of the brain. Normal anatomical imaging can provide structural information on certain abnormalities in the brain. However there are many neurological disorders for which only structure studies are not sufficient. In such cases it is(More)
— Action, cognition, emotion and perception can be mapped in the brain by using set of techniques. Translating unimodal concepts from one modality to another is an important step towards understanding the neural mechanisms. This paper provides a comprehensive survey of multimodal analysis of brain signals such as fMRI, EEG, MEG, NIRS and motivations,(More)
To understand 'Working of Human Brain', measurements related to the brain function are required. These measurements should be possibly non-invasive. Brain should be disturbed as less as possible during the measurement. Integration of various modalities plays a vital role in understanding the cognitive and the behavioral changes in the human brain. It is an(More)
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