Reva Stein

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Extended haplotypes are specific HLA B, HLA DR, BF, C2, C4A, and C4B combinations in significant linkage disequilibrium in chromosomes of unrelated individuals. The possibility that matching unrelated individuals for extended haplotypes may match for the genes that cause mixed lymphocyte reactivity was tested. 22 of 26 unrelated extended-haplotype-matched(More)
A rare genetic type (Bf F1) of properdin factor B is found in 22.6% of patients with insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus but in only 1.9% of the general population, yielding a relative risk of 15.0. This indicates that a genetic locus for insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus is very close on chromosome 6 to Bf, and that Bf F1 is a marker for nearly 1 out of(More)
Employment outcomes of individuals participating in 17 Massachusetts Clubhouses certified by the International Center for Clubhouse Development were examined through an annual survey. Major components of employment programs in contemporary clubhouses are identified and individual employment outcomes are described. Within contemporary practice in ICCD(More)
Caspase-1 is a key player during the initiation of pro-inflammatory innate immune responses, activating pro-IL-1β in so-called inflammasomes. A subset of patients with recurrent febrile episodes and systemic inflammation of unknown origin harbor mutations in CASP1 encoding caspase-1. CASP1 variants result in reduced enzymatic activity of caspase-1 and(More)
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