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The aim of this study was to determine the efficacy of the Paula method of circular muscle training in the management of stress incontinence (SI). The theory behind this method states that activity of distant sphincters affects other muscles. In a pilot study, 59 women, mainly hospital employees, were randomly assigned to participate in exercises according(More)
A field trial was conducted to examine the effect of extended calving interval (CI) on production and profitability of high yielding cows (n = 937). First insemination was performed at 154 and 93 d postpartum (pp), for treatment and control primiparous cows, respectively, and at 124 and 71 d pp for treatment and control multiparous cows, respectively.(More)
Many real life problems are characterized by the structure of data derived from multiple sensors. The sensors may be independent, yet their information considers the same entities. Thus, there is a need to efficiently use the information rendered by numerous datasets emanating from different sensors. A novel methodology to deal with such problems is(More)
Distance information is critical to our understanding of our surrounding environment, especially in virtual reality settings. Unfortunately, as we gage distance mainly visually, the blind are prevented from properly utilizing this parameter to formulate 3D cognitive maps and cognitive imagery of their surroundings. We show qualitatively that with no(More)
Existing evaluations measures are insufficient when probabilistic classifiers are used for choosing objects to be included in a limited quota. This paper reviews performance measures that suit probabilistic classification and introduce two novel performance measures that can be used effectively for this task. It then investigates when to use each of the(More)
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