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Mongols, Turks and Others: Eurasian Nomads and the Sedentary World
The interaction between the Eurasian pastoral nomads - most famously the Mongols and Turks - and the surrounding sedentary societies is a major theme in world history. Nomads were not only raidersExpand
The Mongol Empire and its legacy
List of Maps and Figure List of Abbreviations Notes on Dates and Transliterations List of Contributors Introduction Early History of the Mongol Empire What the Partridge Told the Eagle: A NeglectedExpand
Did Chinggis Khan Have a Jewish Teacher? an Examination of an Early Fourteenth-Century Arabic Text
The answer to the question posed in the title of this article is no, or rather: no, at least as far as we are aware of at this time. My hope here, however, is not to attract the reader's attentionExpand
The conversion of Tegüder Ilkhan to Islam