Reuben T Collins

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We present a Green's-function/Green's-theorem integral equation approach to numerically modeling two-dimensional, s-polarized, wave propagation problems effectively for a variety of geometries. The model accurately calculates both near fields and far fields because of the minimal assumptions made on the behavior of the scattered radiation. The method was(More)
Zinc oxide (ZnO) is an important material for hybrid inorganic-organic devices in which the characteristics of the interface can dominate both the structural and electronic properties of the system. These characteristics can be modified through chemical functionalization of the ZnO surface. One of the possible strategies involves covalent bonding of the(More)
Near-field scanning optical microscopy ~NSOM! patterning of hydrogenated amorphous silicon (a-Si:H) has been explored. Our sample preparation technique produces films that are stable over several days. The etching process used is highly selective, allowing the unexposed a-Si:H to be completely removed while patterns with line heights equal to the original(More)
VLSI compatible optical waveguides on silicon are currently of particular interest in order to integrate optical elements onto silicon chips, and for possible replacements of electrical cross-chip/inter-core interconnects. Here we present simulation and experimental verification of a hybrid plasmon/dielectric, single-mode, single-polarization waveguide for(More)
The design of a new type of plasmonic ultra-high extinction ratio micropolarizing transmission filter is presented along with an experimental demonstration. A pair of dielectric coated metal gratings couple incident TM polarized light into surface plasmons, which are fed into a central metal-insulator-metal (MIM) waveguide, followed by transmission through(More)
Transmission through an opaque Au film with a single subwavelength aperture centered in a smooth cavity between linear grating structures is studied experimentally and with a finite element model. The model is in good agreement with measured results and is used to investigate local field behavior. It shows that a surface plasmon polariton (SPP) is launched(More)
We simultaneously determined the charge carrier mobility and picosecond to nanosecond carrier dynamics of isolated silicon nanowires (Si NWs) and nanocrystals (Si NCs) using time-resolved terahertz spectroscopy. We then compared these results to data measured on bulk c-Si as a function of excitation fluence. We find >1 ns carrier lifetimes in Si NWs that(More)
We present simulation and experimental results for easily fabricated spiral plasmonic antenna analogues providing circular polarization selectivity. One circular polarization state is concentrated and transmitted through a subwavelength aperture, while the opposite circular state is blocked. The spectral bandwidth, efficiency, and extinction ratios are(More)
We present simulation and experimental results of a hybrid plasmonic/dielectric waveguide with a grating, which efficiently converts radiation to surface plasmons. Resonant cavities yield energy density enhancements of 225 times the incident energy density.
In this Perspective, we provide a brief background on the use of aromatic phosphonic acid modifiers for tuning work functions of transparent conducting oxides, for example, zinc oxide (ZnO) and indium tin oxide (ITO). We then introduce our preliminary results in this area using conjugated phosphonic acid molecules, having a substantially larger range of(More)