Reuben Reyes

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Until very recently, analysis of bone biopsies by means of the method of electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) collected after surgery or amputation has been considered as the sole reliable method for radiation dose assessment in hands and feet. EPR measurements in finger- and toenail have been considered for accident dosimetry for a long time. Human nails(More)
Introduction Reconstructing the evolutionary history of diverse species is a basic goal of systematic biology and is essential to comparative biology. Phylogenies representing this history are constructed from the analyses of molecular or morphological data and used as tools for understanding the evolution of complex traits. Objectives of this research are(More)
Figure 3. Triangulated image of lizard skull. Figure 2. 3-D renderings generated from CT showing T (temporal) and P (parietal) horns. 1 Data and Source Imagery Original data for this research was obtained using a high-resolution x-ray computed tomography scanner (CT) on extant species of horned lizards (genus Phrynosoma). CT scanning has been available for(More)
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