Reuben Guerrero

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A classification of surgical procedures, based on degree of complexity and the need for facilities and personnel, was applied to all 50,782 surgical interventions performed in the Valle del Cauca, Colombia during 1974. Three-fourths of all operations were of low levels of complexity, and most could be performed on an ambulatory basis with immediate(More)
Filipino women are more likely to die of breast cancer than their major Asian American counterparts even though they do not have the highest incidence of that cancer. Analysis showed that they have a more advanced stage at the time of diagnosis and they have low rates of compliance to mammography guidelines, both of which factors may contribute to their(More)
  • R Guerrero
  • 1989
In acute invasive diarrhea, the pathogen penetrates the epithelial cells of the intestinal mucosa. Symptoms are produced by one or more of the following mechanisms: production of enterotoxins, increased synthesis of prostaglandins, and impaired reabsorption of fluids and electrolytes. The invasive process often results in dysentery, which is characterized(More)
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