Reu-Ching Chen

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Voice over wireless LAN (WLAN) is widely applied in modern Internet networks. In real-time wireless environments, the primary cause of an impaired speech quality is transmission delays. In wireless communications, the parameters employed for quality of service (QoS) estimations include the delay, the throughput, the blocking rate and the link cost. These(More)
In recent years, a tremendous number of multimedia applications have come into widespread use in Internet environments. In multimedia communications, data, video and voice are transmitted through high speed networks. Their common transmission characteristics must satisfy the requirements of quality of service (QoS). For instance, low delay, bounded blocking(More)
Energy cost is the main constraint in modern wireless communication system. A powerful scheme due to optimal energy cost is provided for a single node server in this paper. In wireless communications, the total energy for transmitting packets can be reduced by proper regulating the service rate due to different packet sizes. In our study, a generic method(More)
Many works have been done on improving the performance of the ad-hoc networks, in which a stringent issue is concentrated on proper topology establishment with least link connections due to the cost considerations. In this paper, a generic method based on network topology design, called “the spider network topology” is proposed to achieve link cost(More)
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