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The present study was designed to obtain evidence for direct interactions of G-protein alpha (Galpha) and beta gamma subunits (Gbeta gamma) with N- (alpha1B) and P/Q-type (alpha1A) Ca2+ channels, using synthetic peptides and fusion proteins derived from loop 1 (cytoplasmic loop between repeat I and II) and the C terminus of these channels. For N-type,(More)
BACKGROUND The chemokine family plays important roles in cell migration and activation. In humans, at least 44 members are known. Based on the arrangement of the four conserved cysteine residues, chemokines are now classified into four subfamilies, CXC, CC, XC and CX3C. Given that zebrafish is an important experimental model and teleost fishes constitute an(More)
A major molecular determinant of virus host-range is thought to be the viral protein required for cell attachment. We used a recombinant strain of Rinderpest virus (RPV) to examine the role of this protein in determining the ability of RPV to replicate in rabbits. The recombinant was based on the RBOK vaccine strain, which is avirulent in rabbits, carrying(More)
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