Reto Nägele

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Nine male marathon runners were exercised to exhaustion to determine the effects of a 27-h fast on endurance performance. Each subject completed two exercise tests at the same treadmill speed (set at 70% maximal O2 uptake), one following a 27-h fast and one 3 h after a preexercise meal, in random order. Fasting caused a 44.7 +/- 5.8% (SE) decrease in(More)
Measles and rubella antibody status were determined by ELISA for 115 previously vaccinated children with cancer. Seventy subjects were receiving chemotherapy, and 45 had successfully completed treatment for their malignancy. Overall, 18% of the subjects were seronegative for measles antibody and 8% for rubella antibody. Only 3% of patients lacked both. In(More)
Extracorporeal blood glucose regulation has been implemented by a closed-loop system (artificial endocrine pancreas, "aep") of our own construct. Simple, highly flexible algorithms have been developed that allow smooth repair of a deranged glucose imbalance up to a period of 125 hours.
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