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Awards at Work
Social incentives like employee awards are widespread in the corporate sector and may be important instruments for solving agency problems. To date, we have little understanding of their effect onExpand
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What is an Award Worth? An Econometric Assessment of the Impact of Awards on Employee Performance
Behavioral economics documents the importance of status and self-image concerns in the workplace, but is largely silent about how to instrumentalize them to induce effort. Awards - widespread in theExpand
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Why Invest In Art?
Abstract In recent years, the art market experienced a price explosion for paintings. Frey and Cueni shed light on the reasons for the price increase, on the rate of return in the art market, on theExpand
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Forecasts and Reactivity
Forecasters’ estimates influence peoples’ expectations, their decisions and thus also actual market outcomes. Such reactivity to forecasts induces externalities which harm the ex-post assessment ofExpand
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Moral Hazard and Herd Behaviour in the Financial Crisis
I. Repressed Voice and Costs of Non-Herding..............................................1 II. Literature on Herding-Behaviour..........................................................3 III. TheExpand
Dispositif de traitement extra corporel du sang
L'invention concerne un systeme de traitement de sang comprenant une unique cassette capable d'effectuer les differents traitements de CRRT.
Bold Analysts or Bold Banks: Do Institutional Factors Drive Herding Behavior?
This paper examines the influence of institutional factors on the herding behavior of security analysts. Exploiting a unique dataset on the ownership of brokerage houses, we find that analysts fromExpand
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Awards at Work
Awards - widespread in the corporate sector and elsewhere - are motivators that derive their value from non-pecuniary concerns such as status and self-image. Quasi-experimental panel data from theExpand
Robots Will Take All Our Jobs
The onset of a new technology and its implementation is almost always perceived as a threat to employment. Expand
Dispositif de fixation de tube pour cassette peristaltique
Boitier de cassette peristaltique comprenant un logement de tube formant un arc de cercle, caracterise par le fait qu'il comprend des moyens de fixation de tube disposes le long dudit logement deExpand