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Tumour-associated macrophages, TAMs, play a pivotal role in tumour growth and metastasis by promoting tumour angiogenesis. Treatment with clodronate encapsulated in liposomes (clodrolip) efficiently(More)
Protein transduction domains (PTDs) are short basic peptide sequences present in many cellular and viral proteins that mediate translocation across cellular membranes. PTDs have become widely used as(More)
Retinal ganglion cells (RGCs) cannot regenerate their axons after injury and undergo apoptosis soon after an intraorbital injury of the optic nerve. However, RGCs reactivate their axonal growth(More)
DNA rich in nonmethylated CG motifs (CpGs) greatly facilitates induction of immune responses against coadministered Ags. CpGs are therefore among the most promising adjuvants known to date.(More)